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about María Eugenia Muñoz

I was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1975.
I trained as an Industrial Designer.
Ever since I was a child, I felt I had my hands had a special ability, so I started as a potter at the age of 12, and worked to perfect a technique called engobe (also known as clay slip coating) for 20 years.

In 2006 I moved to Buenos Aires, where I continued learning other pottery techniques.
In 2008 I moved to Santiago de Chile; here I began training traditional jewelry in the first place and then, in 2012, I turned my attention to Contemporary Jewelry.
This is where I found a vehicle to express emotions. I launched myself into creating jewelry with a soul, pieces that could stir the wearer’s heart and make him or her long to treasure them.

To me, a piece of jewelry is intimately related to the body and also has to be wearable.
I create my pieces thinking of them as portable art; they are finished when they are worn: every time this happens, it fulfils their purpose, their destiny.

“The soul is that by which we live, feel and think.”

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    Delirium Tremensdoscopicos

    At first inspired by the “Delirium Tremens” I raved this kaleidoscope series that have inside colorful deliriums… Finally I forgot the alcohol deliriums, my invitation, in Eduardo Galeano’s words is: “¿What if we become delirious for a while? ¿What if we look beyond the infamy to guess other possible worlds?”

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    Constructive Landscapes

    These intimate landscapes not only identify me but are also a pursuit of my own character, of my roots that lay in that place where I come from, and of the road already travelled. They are a journey that takes me to my beloved Montevideo Watercourse, in Uruguay… those marine horizons where so many times I found the irrational and harmonic balance I was searching for.

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    A held out hand. The tight hand that holds, that cherishes. The hands clenched until the storm pass, the ones that get together in a hug. The hands as bridges to the soul.

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